Mr Recycle Collection Service

Mr Recycle is a London based company that specialises in clearing away your old items. We strive to offer a free service wherever possible, provided it is worth our while. We will take your unwanted items away and you can be assured that wherever possible these items will be reused, recycled or at very least responsibly and legally disposed of.

Mr Recycle Van

Call Us Today On 01234 123456

Give us a call or send us an email to find out how we can help you clear out your unwanted, discarded items and clutter, for FREE*. What you might consider to be junk could be reused or at very least properly recycled.

House & Office Clearance Service

We also offer a full house, office and warehouse clearance service. There is usually a charge for this, depending on the volume of items needing to be shifted and the ratio of rubbish to recycling material. Please see here for full details.

Need A Man With A Van?

Are you looking for someone to help with your house or office move in the London area and South East? Then our partner company Mr Van Man can help. Visit the Mr Van Man Web Site for more details.

Mr Van Man

Where We Can Collect From

Mr Recycle is based in NW London and can collect from anywhere within the M25. Sometimes we are able to travel further afield for large jobs, so please always enquire.

Free Service For Large Collections

We strive to offer a FREE service for large collections and clearances in the London Area. However, there may be a charge if we are only picking up a few things, if there is a lot travel involved, or if items are of low quality. If you are unsure about eligibility for our free collection service then please get in touch and we can advise further. If you only have a few high quality items and are relatively local we may still be able to collect for free if it is worth our while. Please also be sure to check the list of items that we are able and unable to collect.

Mr Recycle Can Reuse Your Old Items

We aim to ensure that the vast majority of items we collect find a new use or are recycled. This way much less of what you throw away will end up as landfill. You'd be surprised about what can be salvaged and how many items considered to be junk can be given a new lease of life. And where it isn't possible to do so, we'll make sure the items are properly recycled or disposed of.

Don't Just Throw Your 'Junk' Away

In today's throwaway society far too many products are disposed of before they are actually beyond use. Rather than take your items to the tip, where they will usually end up as landfill, why not call Mr Recycle and let us offer you a greener solution. Don't just bin it, reuse, recycle and reduce your waste.

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