Martin Eager - Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Photographer

Martin Eager

Welcome to Runic Design. My name is Martin Eager and I'm an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, web designer and photographer based in Harrow, London, UK. I specialise in artwork, illustrations and designs which are hand-crafted and polished to a high level of detail. I very much believe in cutting through the pretence and jargon that often surrounds the art and design world and take pride in a down-to-earth, no nonsense approach to my work.

I can work in a wide range of styles to suit the job at hand. But like any artist and designer, I have my special interests and I especially enjoy projects that are in the fantasy, mythology, history, nature and environment genres. I'm particularly drawn to anything involving trees, woodland and wildlife. But I can turn my hand to most things, I'm very flexible, So if you don't see a particular style represented here it certainly doesn't mean I can't create it. Ask me.

A little on my background for those who are interested. After gaining a M.Sc in Geographical Information Systems from Edinburgh University back in the 90s I worked for a number of years in the GIS industry, mostly with environmental mapping projects. I developed a number of early websites in my spare time and as the Web started to gain traction in the mid 90s I decided to set up my own web design business, Runic Design. It's been a 'long, strange trip' that has seen several evolutions, including setting up a web hosting company, but art and design has always been at the core of what I do. And all throughout I've kept up my other big passion, photography.

My pastimes include music, guitar, art, photography, computer gaming, cricket, walking, camping, watching wildlife, films and YouTube, where I seem to be rather addicted to narrowboating and wild camping vlogs. Music is my biggest love and I especially like acoustic, americana, indie, country and rock. Oh and I play guitar left-handed when I'm actually right handed, but that's a long story!

If you'd like more information, have a question about hiring me or buying prints, want to leave some comments or just say hi, then please do get in touch.



I am available for illustrations, book covers, concept art, character design, sleeve art, web site artwork and more. Let me know your requirements.

I can take on work in a wide variety of styles and genres, so if what you are seeking isn't represented here, please ask.



If you would like to enquire about my design, art, illustration or photographic services, or have any questions about my work, please get in touch.

Or if you just wish to pass along some comments or feedback about my creative work this is always appreciated too.