Golitha Falls Panorama

Golitha Falls in Cornwall is an area of ancient woodland through which the River Fowey tumbles dramatically as it drops down from Bodmin Moor towards the coast. The river runs through a valley strewn with huge boulders forming the Falls themselves. The whole valley is thickly wooded and is often very humid, with its own micro-climate. The result is that most of the boulders and trees are cloaked in a thick growth of moss, which lends a sense of mystery to the place. This panorama is a view of the lower reaches, downstream from the main part of the falls. I loved the 'secret world' feel of the whole place, with the huge moss-covered boulders dominating the scene.


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Image Info

Camera Model:Canon EOS 20D
Date Created:Jun 18, 2009
Shutter Speed:1/60 sec
Focal Length:17 mm

Location: Golitha Falls Panorama

County: Cornwall

Country: England

Views: 7693

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