A Row Of Maidens, the Nine Maidens on St Breock Downs

A view along the Nine Maidens, a row of neolithic standing stones at the edge of the St Breock Downs in Cornwall. It's as if they are leaning back and bathing in the evening sunshine. They aren't as close together as they appear in this shot, I used a long telephoto to get them all in the frame. Local legend has it that the nine maidens were turned to stone as punishment for dancing on a Sunday. They are aligned to the northeast towards a distant stone called The Fiddler who is said to be the petrified remains of the musician who played for the dancers.


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Image Info

Camera Model:Canon EOS 20D
Date Created:Aug 04, 2010
Shutter Speed:1/60 sec
Focal Length:100 mm

Location: Saint Breock Downs

County: Cornwall

Country: United Kingdom

Views: 5559

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